Horseman, Pass by

Horseman, Pass by
ISBN10: 0747260869
Pages: 320
Language English
Author: David Crackanthorpe
ISBN13: 9780747260868
Published: March 1st 2001 by Headline Book Publishing
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.33

Bernard Vipont is a man leading a double life. By day, he1s a lawyer with his own quietly flourishing practice in Marseilles, a devoted father, in every way a respectable bourgeois. Beneath the surface, his life is driven by darker passions.

Armed with a list of wartime collaborators who appropriated works of art from Jewish collectors < a list compiled by his father before he was murdered < Vipont is waging his own secret campaign of vengeance. He1s stealing back the paintings.

But there1s another facet to his secret life: obsessed with a wartime sexual encounter that ended in tragedy, he1s condemned to repeat it night after night in a brothel, vainly seeking release from his demons. As the two strands of his existence inevitably begin to entwine, his past erupts into his present, with devastating consequences.

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