Burning Girl

Burning Girl
ISBN10: 0688176895
Pages: 256
Language English
Author: Ben Neihart
ISBN13: 9780688176891
Published: May 3rd 2000 by Harper Perennial
Genre: Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 2.84

Drew Burke is twenty--a working-class college student in Baltimore.

Seduced by the wealth that surrounds him, Drew finds himself drawn into a complex and sensually charged friendship with Bahar Richards and her brother, Jake. Then, over an intimate long weekend at the Richards family home, certain shocking details about Jake's past come to light, and the more Drew learns, the more he suspects he hasn't heard the whole story. Torn between brother and sister, whose versions of the past don't quite match, Drew becomes caught in a maze of half-lies and manipulations as he tries to figure out who to trust, and, ultimately, who to love. A young scholarship student, the rich girl who befriends him, her handsome brother who wedges himself dangerously between the two; a rape, a murder, horrifying photographs found at the crime scene; and the undeniably sensual draw our hero feels to both sister and brother, who may or may not have blood on their hands. Fresh from the success of his critically acclaimed debut, Hey, Joe, Ben Neihart delivers a searingly intelligent, emotionally gripping thriller with a triangle of betrayal at its heart.

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