Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online

Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online
Pages: 233
Language English
Author: Kerry Ann Baker
Published: July 13th 2016 by Kerry A. Baker
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.25

"Congratulations on creating a phenomenal resource for adults who are trying to learn Spanish on their own. The most useful part is that you list the skill level of the resource, so people can find exactly what they are looking for."- Paul Kurtzweil, Two Expats Living in Mexico (Blog) How many times have you started to learn Spanish, only to end up procrastinating when your study sessions began to feel like sheer drudgery? Have you looked for free online language tools only to find yourself stuck in a quagmire of misleading sales pitches and poorly organized websites, causing you to give up and purchase something that didn’t fit all your learning needs? The Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online cuts through the clutter and takes you directly, via screenshots and links, to hundreds of FREE Spanish language-learning websites, often directly to the free feature . Using this interactive system, you can put together a free and enjoyable, ever-changing learning session every day, using the best features culled from these sites, many of which you would never find in regular search queries. Are you thinking about retiring or working remote from a Spanish-Speaking country? Do you easily get bored using the same learning tools every day? Are you over 40 and worry that you are too old to learn a second language? Do you need variety in your studies? If so, this book is especially for you! You are also given the prices of online Spanish learning programs and links to objective reviews should you be interested in exploring your favorite tools in more detail. Links to numerous language hack sites are provided too. This book is organized for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students and gets you immediately to the exact web pages you need.

Sample daily on plans are included so you can see how different every day using these tools can be. Already purchased the book? Check the Ventanas Mexico website for tips and updates on using the resource.

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