Stardark: How Things Are (Fallen Stars, #1)

Stardark: How Things Are (Fallen Stars, #1)
Pages: 43
Language English
Author: Eden Leon
Published: June 12th 2016 by Third Cousins
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 2.00

Seren is going nowhere in her life. She knows that and she’s not trying to fight against it.

At just twenty two years old she’s already accepted that a crappy boyfriend and a low paying bar job are the best she’s going to get. That is, until she comes home one day to find a purple haired girl in her bed with her boyfriend at her side. Seren realizes that things are about to fall apart, but she can hardly focus on that, because she’s being followed by a woman in a red dress. When they finally meet face to face the woman reveals secrets about Seren’s past, about her mom who abandoned her and the reasons behind why she has the same recurring dream every night. Is the woman in the red dress a person from Seren’s past or is she just a crazy woman looking to take advantage?

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