Space Pioneers

Space Pioneers
ISBN10: 0821733079
Pages: 174
Language English
Author: Rick North
Series The Young Astronauts
ISBN13: 9780821733073
Published: March 1st 1991 by Zebra
Genre: Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.82

On Mars at last, its up to the Alpha team to save a vital supply or the new colony won't survive! "Danger Zone" "We're Martians!" they cheered through their space suit helmet radios as three set foot on Mars. Nathan and his Alpha team had finally landed on the red planet and the first stage of their mission was over. Now the hard stuff began. The young space pioneers used all their talents to build a new colony, fighting deadly dust storms, sub zero temperatures and tough terrain. But they survived. Even Sergei stopped clowning around long enough to help Alice build the high-tech greenhouse and Noemi pitched in to mix a weird kind of cement out of the rocky red soil. Then disorder hit when a rocket malfunction forced Karl to crash-land a vital cargo pod full of food and equipment over a hundred lies from the settlement. It's up to Nathan and his crew to risk their lives aboard the Mars Rover in a daring rescue mission through deadly radiation and volcanoes to get the supplies and save the entire Mars colony from certain death!

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