Lost in the Stars

Lost in the Stars
Language English
Author: Carol A. Strickland
Series Three Worlds
Published: June 23rd 2014 by Smashwords
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.50

Volume 2 of the Three Worlds saga What he wanted, he couldn't have. The exciting "Three Worlds" superhero romance saga continues! Lina O'Kelly, psychic and interstellar transporter, has been accused of mind-controlling her new husband, Valiant. With the galaxy's most powerful superhero under her command, she could conquer worlds. But she's innocent. How can she make her accusers—and especially her arresting officer, Jae Rallene—believe her? He is the last of his kind, supremely powerful in his own right, and best friends with Lina's groom. Lina is new to her powers, new to being off-Earth, new even to being able to touch and love another person. Now she has to figure a way out of this mess without bringing dishonor to Valiant.

Superhero romance and adventure Jae must stop himself from growing closer to the intriguing woman his commanding officer has named a suspect. To do so defies his duty as a Mega-Legionnaire and as a friend. But when a web of interstellar crises begins to tighten around the two, will he be able to keep a safe distance from her? Cover illustration by Colleen Doran. Heat level: Mild.

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